Richard Terrell

Families deal with companies that push them through the Loan Process with little to no communication, no education, no understanding of their short and long play goals, and no Homeownership Support.
My Team and I invest the time to listen to our families so we can understand where they are now, where they want to go, and create the plan for how they can use leverage and Real Estate to make the vision become reality. We provide personalized, easy to use, visual tools that are smart phone accessible standard with regular communications both during the financing journey and even years after the closing has happened. We contribute to the success of our families homeownership experience by way of the following FREE services:
– Home Maintenance Assistance
– Relocation Support
– Monthly Equity Updates
– Yearly Wealth Mastermind
– Best Payment Promise
– Wealth Protection Access

Our families understand they are loved as people first and doing business with the ReachRich Team is one of the best decisions they made. When the financing of their home completes its process, the ReachRich keeps an active engagement with our families and keeps an active watch over the success of their Wealth Growth opportunities.