Ben Laube

At Ben Laube Homes we believe the number one problem for clients is lack of information and support. Many clients develop misconceptions about real estate agents and the real estate market from Television Shows, News Media, and the Internet. This misinformation leads to a client having an unrealistic expectations throughout the process.

Educator is one of the many hats that a real estate agent wears during a transaction. Our agents dispel misconceptions and educate clients on the details of the process and how the agent-client relationship works. From the beginning, we help lay the groundwork for realistic expectations which ensures a smooth transaction and hopefully a lifelong relationship with each of our clients.
When asked for reviews after a transaction, almost all Ben Laube Homes clients will express how they felt informed, educated, engaged, and supported throughout the home buying and/or selling process. We pride ourselves on client retention and lifelong relationships that we develop by being the most knowledgable and caring real estate advisors.