Denise Merritt

Work life balance- Did you know on average a business owner spends 55 hours a week on their business? 25 hours of that time is solely focusing on administrative tasks such as payroll, compliance, benefits, and more. Employee Administration Costs- Federal taxes, state taxes, workers compensation insurance rates, payroll processing/tax filing fees, and employee benefit costs are all costs an employer pays on having W2 employees.

We consolidate all of your employee administration needs under one platform which saves our clients time and money. Each business is unique, we can offer ala carte options to best fit your needs and budget. Our products include PEO services, payroll services, benefits, and an alternative lending option.

Recently, we reached out to one of our clients on our quarterly check ins. The owner told us that her business is up 300%, because she no longer has to worry about employee related tasks. Her time is valuable, and that time that she regained from delegating those tasks to professionals converted into additional sales.