Stephanie Alvarez

I help my clients make informed decisions so they can reach a settlement that is best for their family. I bring a passion for helping individuals and families constructively resolve their marital issues. I understand how divorce can affect children for years to come and work with parents to minimize conflict and establish effective co-parenting relationships. Drawing on my experience in the courtroom, my goal is to educate clients on options and likely outcomes so they can make the best decisions to avoid the unnecessary emotional and financial costs of litigation. I offer experience with uncontested flat fee divorce, a streamlined and efficient approach for couples who can work together amicably to reach settlement out of court. I am skilled in developing creative and customized solutions for clients with more complicated family law matters, including difficult equitable distribution situations. Overall, I aim to empower my clients to find a resolution that prioritizes children and focuses on an agreement that allows both parties to successfully move forward after divorce.