Amy Smalley

The big issue my clients face is not being able to understand real estate or have the knowledge of the real estate market. They aren’t sure how to sell or how to buy and are unfamiliar with the process.

For buyers, I walk them through the entire process, I explain the different steps and get them in touch with a knowledgeable lender. Being able to explain the process of buying a home into simple terms for them to understand is helpful. For sellers, I explain to them the process of selling their home. I present to them my knowledge and experience of being able to market their home. They need to know what to expect as a seller and the steps from listing to the closing process.

My customer feels relieved by the end of the process. They also feel more knowledgeable and ready to tackle the whole process again when they are ready to move. It’s never an easy task going through any real estate transaction. Each transaction is unique and presents its own set of obstacles. But, at the end of it they feel like they finally reached the finish line and they are able to enjoy their new home.